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Fit Sport Austria

School Sport Cooperation on European Level

From January 2016 to June 2018 the Erasmus+ project "Activity Square Europe" supported an information exchange between project coordinators of EU member states who are working in the field of school and sport sector cooperation. Fit Sport Austria had the lead of this project and 13 organisations from 9 different countries participated. One of the project's objectives was to build a benchmark tool for people who are working in this field. This benchmark tool is ready to fill out at this website.

If you have questions related to "Activity Square Europe" project or the benchmark tool, please feel free to contact Fit Sport Austria!


Phone: +43/1/504 79 66 - 320

Check your project with the benchmark tool

You want to start a project in the field of school and sport sector cooperation or you're currently leading an existing one? Great! Then this benchmark tool allows you to asses your own programme or project against a set of defined indicators. Furthermore you have the opportunity to get advice from organisations which are already working in the field of school and sport sector cooperation. You ready? Let's start!






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